Sunday, September 17, 2006


Arrived home late yesterday from a long drive to St. Mary's Bay. Winds were dumping large surf onto Point Le Hay beach. Fair and sunny.

The great kayak guru Alex McGruer was at my side, so we pushed into the surf. For the next few k, we played against the oncoming waves. What's that on the horizon?...fog you say. Ha. Let's take a compass bearing on that light house and head back. The wind and sea are increasing too. Surfing and tacking all along the coast until we reached our launch point. Now it's a dumping surf....Let me try first?

Thanks...Smiling and timed it well, high on the beach, but another wave is barrelling down on me. Quick to haul the kayak clear...then flag Alex in(he doesn't need the help, was probably entertained by the whole affair). Once we're both on the beach, we both turned to face the sea....fog, wind and waves...what a difference an hour makes...smiling, devilish boys that didn't get caught with their hands in the cookie jar.


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