Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sea Kayaking into Ice Flows

I recruited a few kayakers yesterday that were willing...and we set off out into Conception bay so we could explore the ice flows. Several seals were around...both young and old. Sea birds everywhere too....lots of turrs. Weather has been 'rain, drizzle and fog', all because of winds from the north and least Saturday was sunny and calm for a change.

The sea ice has a way of 'dampening' the ocean state. Four and a half hours of fresh air, exercise and sun...all good.

At best, the air temperature was +5c...the surface water temperature with all the sunshine was +1c...but at the end of a paddle and sunk 5 feet down under, the temperature read -1c (because salt water freezes at a much colder temp.). Yes, I did was maybe 0c with a bare head at 3' under....burrrr...only in a drysuit....and I wouldn't what to have to spend any time in it.

....very beautiful all the same...

The fellow sea kayakers are the very experienced Alex McGruer in the white Explorer and Bob Gagnon in the yellow Fathom.