Monday, November 05, 2007

Before Noel's Post Tropical Storm.

After Saturday, the sun would set an hour earlier, so best to take advantage of that gorgeous light while it lasted. A true calm before the storm. As one system left us to the north east, the remains of hurricane Noel were due to start pushing into the area from the south west that evening. This left some ocean swells from the NE, but then the breeze changed from the N as the sun fell. All added to the feeling that something was amiss. The 20 km paddle from Witless bay to Tor's cove and back, took us along the most easterly piece of coastline in North America. Rollers along the rocky coast caused refracting waves from the three points we passed. Calm conditions, but you felt 'something' in the sea and the air. Made landfall from where we started, just back after sunset.

Photo by Alex McGruer


Blogger Alison Dyer said...

Jamie, have continents collided and found you stuck between them? can't believe you've not been out paddling since your last posting. Perhaps work is that good/busy :)

6:22 p.m.  
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