Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dry Wall...

Dry wall plastering has got to be the most distant activity from sea kayaking. But like kayaking, it HAS to be done. I was helping out the folks after two days of Cruise Ship duties. I finally managed to plaster their new(and much needed)downstairs bathroom. Once I finished in the late afternoon, I raced for the lake(ponds as they are called here) on my way home. What a space and fresh air, as I glided over the water. Then I realized it. I have had a good summer of kayaking on the open ocean, but as for just the simple pleasure of gliding on the ponds for the exercise and to relax...I actually missed this. It should be good until these ponds all freeze up by late December. But while I'll look to get out on the cold north Atlantic as often as the weather will allow, the lakes are another matter. Wind and foul weather has never stopped me from this fresh water activity. I will not take these pond excursions for granted. I'll remind myself that I'll miss it when it's frozen....and then I'll be dreaming of them over the long winter as I wait for them to open up again in May.


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