Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Refreshing Paddle.

Paddled in large stuff today. My kayak partner was game for a 'look see'. In the stiff 20-30km SW winds, with wind waves forming from the fetch from the west of Conception bay...we paddled on. Two things about this particular section of coast. One is that it can be shallow, forming higher, curling waves. The other, that it can have deeper cliff sections, leading to refracting and confused seas.

It was sunny and the water as warm as it ever gets here. What a blast. Riding the following sea and laughing in the rodeo style of kayaking. Finally, we had to turn back. The wind was staying stiff, so the sea was not getting any calmer. We had had a 45 minute ride, knowing it was to be at least an hour plus back into this stuff. Still smiling and now laughing, we pushed into it and jumped up over the crests and slide down into the troughs. My partner pushed her ability admirably. She finally got pushed over. A few good attempts at a roll in the rough stuff...but it was not to be. She pulled her skirt as I was arriving by her side. Cold? "...no, the neoprene is doing what it's suppose to, I'm fine". Fun? "...hell ya!"

With in a few minutes she was back in her boat, pumped out, and pumped to do more. We rode the waves some more...as well as tacking to a beam sea and a quartering sea.

Once back on shore an hour or so later...she admitted that her arms were a bit sore, but she confessed that given the conditions, she knew she'd be dumped today. So she pushed it a bit anyway. "What's that they say?...that if I'm not getting wet, I'm not learning. I learned a lot, and it was fun...all good."

I only know two girls these days with this much vigor...I'm happy to say they are both good friends of mine, I respect them dearly, and I'm lucky to paddle with them both.


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where were you in CB? sounds fun.

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