Tuesday, October 10, 2006

October Skies

On my way home from a paddle....and fall is definitely in the air. Spent the other day on a tourism commercial. We covered from Ferryland to St. Vincent's on the Avalon's southern shore and south coast. We shot from sunrise to sunset, covered 300km and including travel, worked a 19 hour day. Whew...But as I got a moment to look up from my work and actually take in what we were shooting...sun, blue sky, white puffy clouds, dramatic blue ocean, green roaming hills and tundra, spotted islands,...I could go on...It was beautiful. As interesting as the job was, I ached to be kayaking. A day and a turkey dinner later...I got my wish. These days are to short, as the sun now sets before 6:30...I say take in every minute that you can.


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