Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Storm Gathering, balls!

That may be a bit harsh. It's one thing to wish I was there...but actually...I think they are really, really on to something. Hit the title for this great link. It seems that this first annual UK 'Storm Gathering Sea Symposium' was a great success. It may be an idea that could be very useful to us here in this part of the world. The St. John's area alone holds many of Canada's record annual, snow, rain, wind and fog days. So while the kayak trips are always spectacular, it is also the norm here to have many more days that you can not actually get out, then days you can...but one would always like to narrow that margin. A great idea...and something to aspire to.


Blogger Alison Dyer said...

Jamie, I think you're onto something here. Of course, let's work with our, ahem, challenging weather conditions. This could be a very cool (downright positively chilly but then again) idea for a symposium on this side of the pond.

3:34 p.m.  

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