Wednesday, October 11, 2006

That Time of the Year....

Yes...Like the young Gannets on Bird Rock at St. Mary' jump or not to jump? To pull out the jackets, or wear shirts in denial. To stay slim, or put on a few pounds for warmth and stave off illness? The tan is gone, there's a chill in the air...and the days are too short. But has been a warm and beautiful fall...just don't want to get my ass kicked and realize to late that I've left not turning the home heat on....and then feel chilled until next June.

Damn it!...I'll keep the BBQ going, run in shorts...last as long as I can on this rock...take it to the extreme. Once sick, I'll recover...then eat more hardy, pull out a fire log and add an extra blanket to the bed...HA!


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