Friday, November 17, 2006

Sea Kayak Foot Pumps

This Guzzler 400 foot pump is great. Even at a vertical position, this custom set-up clears twelve inches. I have it bolted forward of, and between the foot rests. As the distributer Harvey Rintoul knows, each kayak is different and everyone may have a preference for the intake position(btw...Harvey has modeled his own Strum Box). Next, where the outlet goes on the kayak hull. I have mine on the deck. Yes,...drilling the hole in the fiberglass hull takes ones breath away...words fail me...but scotch didn't.

Harvey will help you built a custom set up as for your he has several models of pumps and all manner of fixings. I found him most patient and extremely helpful. He may be reached at

Sea kayaking is a whole other experience when you can pump out with both hands still on the paddle..


Blogger ralph smith said...

hi jamie
i"m thinking you have the Guzzler 400 on your Norcapp LV. I take it you are quite pleased. I"m looking at installing one on my Norcapp LV. I have e-mailed Harvey Rintoul, I imagine he will know the materials needed.What was the delivery time frame.
Ralph Smith

5:17 p.m.  
Blogger alina said...

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