Monday, January 15, 2007

HENGE film clip

I've been busy the past while working with a new media firm called Henge Productions. I've been asked to become involved because I have a lot of journalism media and drama shooting experiance. This time, as a cameraman and photographer, I also hope to bring some of my love for the environment and nature's beauty to this team. At present there is a short clip of some of my experimental footage on the company's blog space. At you can visit and look around the site, then just check out the blog and view the clip. Please keep in mind that the original footage is in's High Definition imagery is in crisp detail, even down to the last snow flake floating off in the if you like the simple little web cast visuals, you should see the original.

While filming along the coast, I also managed to capture some time lapse sequences. These time lapse shots were created with my own equipment. It's a technique I've been working on for some time, but recently managed to marry it with some new bits of hardware and software to finally perfect the technique. The results supersede even High Definition standards.

The company's executive producer Chris Richardson has a refreshing approach to making projects work...He first explained to me that the only really important thing he has learned in all his film/video career after all these years, is that only a team can pull off really great stuff to be proud of. You find the right people for the job, and you let them do what they do best...

Okay, this sounds simple enough, but it's actually rarer than you'd think in this industry. It's kinda refreshing. Oh...and the fact that it's all cutting edge is kinda exciting too. I wish Christopher all the best of luck.

As for my roll in this, we'll see on a project to project basis. I will continue to develop story and documentary ideas...meny of which reflect my love for nature and the environment, even one on WW and sea kayaking.


Blogger Heidi said...

I checked out the footage...looks awesome! (Of course, I'm not surprised at that...)

Hey, I recognize that kitchen sink!

Nice work...

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