Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ski, not Sea

Sea kayaking has illuded me this past month. It seemed like storm after storm. I was hoping to get out sometime in February so that I could finally claim to have been sea kayaking every month of the year. The last day of February was actually very calm...but work kept me from the ocean at the very end. Skiing on the other hand is another story. Snow?...we have lots of I enjoyed my time in the woods cross country skiing the other day. The only thing is the shoveling...never was such a thing so terrible for the body as shoveling. To stay healthy I run and try to eat well, but as for the exercise of would be better for one's body if you just sat on the couch and watched movies.
Maybe these particular home owners were lucky enough to be off south...but if they return before spring, they'll have some shoveling to do, as their large modern two story bungalow is covered in the white stuff...yes, the first floor is completely surrounded by snow. Harder still on the pedestrian traffic....not quite enough room for two cars to pass, but for the walkers, the sidewalks are in there somewhere. Oh, and as for my running...I actually broke down and finally joined a gym for a few months.

If I can make it onto the ocean this month....the first thing I may do is turn my back to the land, gaze out over the open sea, and just for a moment, forget about snow...


Blogger Michael said...

I think all good Canadians ought to paddle all summer and ski all winter! So don't feel beaten by the snow, get out there. I use a scoop to keep my driveway clear and hardly ever shovel. Having said those words of encouragement, I confess to being in Florida to do a little paddling, just to maintain upper body strength you understand, not because I hate winter...

3:24 p.m.  

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