Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Swellies in the mail!

For sea kayaking, I had these in mind since last season. They come with a rand (or cuff) that keeps over flowing water out. They float. They will protect the lower legs of your dry suit, as well as the socks. And they are warm. Yes, to test, I wore them around the house once I opened the package earlier this morning. Don't you do this too?... when you get new gear?

These are from Mountain Equipment Co-op(MEC) here in Canada. On inspection, they seem exactly like the Chota Mukluk, even the sole...but surprisingly affordable, at under half the price.

Only cons, are that the full shape of the sole that extends well up and over the toe and heel are very I found that this lead to the heel and toe "sticking" to the inside of the kayak. With my size ten, I have just enough room...but I think it's best to just head down to the shoe repair shop over on the next block and have them grind down the toe and heel cap. Believe me, the thick rubber will still be there for protection of the heel and toes...just less the aggressive tread.

As for pulling these things on and off...I found you just had to roll the top down a bit to allow the air to flow in. Then step on the heel as normal....Oh, and this I like; once one is off, you take that naked drysuit sock we are always worrying about nicking,..and you step on the thick neoprene swellie that's on the rough ground next to you. You heel step out of the last one, then stand on both as you go about your business dressing, all as if you had a protective and warm carpet below you. It works.

Douglas had a review of many different types of sea kayak footwear last month... strangely, Cailean mentions footwear today as I'm walking around the house in mine...small world. Tread softly.


Blogger Wendy Killoran said...

I always love fun mail. I have the same swellies from MEC, but would have liked a way of tightening the boot around my ankle with a strap. They are warm and comfortable though.

10:53 p.m.  
Blogger Michael said...

And so do I! I even step on the beauties when removing my drysuit. I don't recall being cloned, but I suppose one wouldn't...

11:58 p.m.  

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